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Homeowners Insurance

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What is home insurance?

Homeowners insurance packages together liability coverage and property coverage to help protect you and your family from lawsuits and damage to your home. Home insurance isn’t required by law but will be required by your lender if you have a mortgage and it provides important coverage regardless.

Personal liability helps pay for injuries or property damage you or a resident family member cause to another party. This can include things like an injured guest at your home or accidental damage your child caused to a neighbor’s property. The property portion covers damage to your home, other structures and personal property. It also covers vandalism, theft, and much more.

There are many additional coverage options available. Not all coverages are suitable for each person. We can help you decide on a coverage plan.

If you’d like to learn more about the basics of homeowners insurance, contact us, or check out info from the Insurance Information Institute.

How to find great homeowners insurance rates

1. Figure out what coverage you need

It’s important to know what you’re looking for before getting quotes. Some companies will undercut price by removing valuable coverage. If you aren’t sure what coverage you need, we’ll help you out!

2. Get quotes from a bunch of insurance companies

Insurance companies target different customers based on a variety of factors, including age, loss history, location, and much more. It’s difficult to know which companies will offer the best rates, so you just need to get quotes from a lot of them. Fortunately, we take care of the comparison shopping for you!

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

There are many coverage options available. Below are some common coverages but this is not an exhaustive list. Upon learning more about your situation, we can suggest coverages that might be a good fit.

Personal liability

Covers bodily injury and property damage you or a resident family member cause to another party.


Covers damage to your home caused by a variety of risks, like weather, vandalism, or fire.

Other structures

Covers damage to other structures on your property that are not attached to your home, like a shed or detached garage.

Personal property

Covers your personal items, like furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, and more.

Loss of use

Covers the cost of alternative living arrangements if your home is unlivable due to a covered incident.

Medical payments

Covers minor medical expenses for guests that are injured at your property, without regard to fault.

Scheduled items

Covers jewelry, guns, and other high risk items for theft and disappearance.

Water backup

Covers damage caused as a result of a backed up sewer or drain.

Insurance Companies

We strive to work with highly rated insurance companies in order to provide our clients with quality coverage at a great price. Below is a partial list of companies we offer. We are constantly exploring new partnerships and adding additional options, so check back often to see our updated list of carrier partners.

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